IEEE Life Membership

IEEE “Life” status is automatically bestowed based on age and years of membership. IEEE Life membership (LM) is proof of a strong sustained commitment to the profession.

The IEEE Life Members Fund (LMF) of the IEEE Foundation supports IEEE activities of interests to LMs, potential engineers, and engineering students.

IEEE Life membership qualifications

IEEE Life Membership is automatically bestowed upon an active IEEE member who:

  • Has attained the age of 65 years
  • Has been a member of IEEE for such a period that the sum of his/her age and his/her years of membership equals or exceeds 100 years

The designation of Life Member is effective on January 1 of the year immediately succeeding the year in which the requirements were met. Members who qualify will be notified by mail in the fourth quarter of the qualifying year.

Benefits of Life membership

  • Dues and regional assessments are waived for a Life Member.
  • For qualifying Life Members, society fees are waived (IEEE Bylaw I-108.8).
  • Individuals may receive reduced member rates at conferences where IEEE is the sole sponsor.  IEEE Policy 10.1.15  “Reduced fees, waiver of fees, or fee differential for unemployed IEEE members, retired members, and for special registrants (e.g., guests, speakers, and exhibitors) are permitted at the discretion of the Conference Organizing Committee.  The individual registration fee for Life Members must be no more than that for students.”
  • Life Members continue to receive the same benefits that are available to other IEEE members.
  • Life Members continue to receive the benefits included in the IEEE Member Discounts Program (includes IEEE Insurance Program).