Summer 2023 STEM Program at Camp Adonai “A Great Success”

  1. We had a very successful summer STEM program as part of the Camp Adonai.
  2. Enrollment at the camp this summer was very popular and 121 campers enrolled in the 7 week program.
  3. The STEM portion of the program divided into 2 major groups of campers.
    1. 10-13 year olds. (54 campers). Activities: Drone flying and related activities including block-coding using the Drone Legends Curriculum. 4 hours per week.
    2. 5-9 year olds (67 campers). Activities: Lego Spike Essentials (5-6 year olds) with motors, sensors, and coding), Scratch (Cartoon generation via block coding – 9 year olds) and Scratch Jr. (Cartoon generation 5-8 year olds). 2 hours per week.
  4. In addition, the STEM component included a “demo day” included the following on a single day:
    1. Quick drone flight training and a chance for each 5-9 year old  to fly a drone. (10-13 year olds fly drones as part of the STEM portion above)
    2. A career presentation including careers in software and drone aviation.
    3. A presentation concentrating on African-American Aviation History including the Tuskegee Airmen, a group of World War II fighter pilots and their support personnel.


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